Originally released March 6, 2017   In the first half of our two-part retrospective (originally recorded 2/19/17), the Nerds take on one of our favor...View Details

Originally released January 11, 2017    

In this episode, the Nerds discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Delicious sandwiches and snarky co...View Details

024 - …to the Gun Show!

Originally released September 9, 2016   The Nerds - and special guests Kevin and Brandon - return for Part 2 of our discussion on gun violence in Ame...View Details

023 - Get Your Tickets…

Originally released September 9, 2016   The Nerds are joined by special guests Brandon and Kevin for Part 1 of a particularly difficult topic - gun v...View Details

Originally released May 16, 2016   From the NWW Vault... our worst episode ever, all about the worst stuff ever! The Nerds attempt to differentiate b...View Details

021 - Batman bin Suparman

Originally released May 2, 2016   In this episode, the Nerds discuss the current state of the superhero movie genre, including a brief recap of its r...View Details

Originally released March 23, 2016   The Nerds discuss the awesomeness of the Deadpool movie, Phil shares his Wizard World Cleveland experience, and ...View Details

019 - Da Schwartz Awakens

Originally released February 9, 2016   Jackie joins the Nerds for a conversation on our impressions of Star Wars, Episode VII.

Originally released December 30, 2015

017 - Horror Stories

Originally released October 31, 2015   Just in time for the spookiest night of the year, in this episode the Nerds analyze TV shows, movies, and vide...View Details

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