037: Time Heist!

Originally recorded 5-12-19 After over a month of waiting, we're finally able to bring you part 1 of our epic two-part review of the epic conclusion t...View Details

Originally Recorded 9-30-18   Fall is upon us (less so when we first had this discussion but still) and it's time to talk about what movie and game r...View Details

035: Just Saw the Ad

Originally recorded 5/27/18   In keeping with our tradition of turning out movie releases about a month too late, the Nerds discuss Deadpool 2. What ...View Details

034: WHY is Gamora?!?

Originally Recorded 5/27/18 We welcome our newest official co-host Brandon for the NWW review of Avengers: Infinity War, the biggest and most anticipa...View Details

Originally recorded 7/17/17   John discusses the rise of Otaku culture from the turbulence of an economic recession in late-80's Japan. The Nerds exa...View Details

Originally recorded 5/07/17, 10/31/17   Horror aficionado Jackie takes over this year's Halloween special! A conversation from this past summer on re...View Details

Originally recorded September 10, 2017   Non sequitur rambling abounds in between our discussion of current and upcoming games and movies. Also hear ...View Details


Originally recorded 4/17/17   Sorry, no face-melting metal solos to be found here, just soul-crushing death tropes. In this episode, the Nerds discus...View Details

Originally released March 20, 2017   In the second half of our Mass Effect double-ep retrospective, Phil attempts to restrain the nerd rage over the ...View Details

Originally released March 6, 2017   In the first half of our two-part retrospective (originally recorded 2/19/17), the Nerds take on one of our favor...View Details

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